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Our Commercial Surety Services

When working on construction projects, contractors may also need commercial surety bonds to comply with federal, state, or local government regulations and statutes.

These commercial bonds are often in force so companies can obtain or maintain necessary licenses or permits in their area. Contractors may also need commercial bonds when manufacturing custom components or designing software. Likewise, businesses may need them to open new locations or stores.

Commercial bonds are more similar to regular insurance than contract bonds, because they usually have an expiration date. Commercial bond terms are often set for one year, with renewals required every successive year.

Our commercial underwriters have advanced experience in navigating these sometimes-complex surety requirements. At Gray Surety, we offer commercial surety bonds as a value-added service for contractors. We also provide surety opportunities for other commercial companies who need bonding.

Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds

At Gray Surety, we're committed to building long-lasting and collaborative relationships with surety producers and their contractors. Our commercial bonds are another value-added benefit that we provide to make it easier for contractors to meet their regulatory duties.

We offer a variety of commercial surety bonds related to:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Judicial requirements
  • Probate
  • Taxes
  • Public official needs
  • Lost securities
  • Non-construction performance bonds

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