Gray Surety takes a proactive approach to claims handling.

We make a personal commitment to be there for you in every situation. We listen, we plan, and we act to ensure all information is accurately and promptly communicated.

For a claims form, or information on how to file a claim, please contact our claims office:

Phone: (504) 754-6711


When contacting our claims office, please understand that Gray Surety receives many claims notifications, most of which are simply formal letters meant to satisfy legal deadlines. Please help our claims office by having the following information ready when you call or email:

  • The name of your company, and your contact information
  • The Gray Surety bond number, if available
  • The name of Gray Surety’s bonded principal
  • The project on which your claim is being made
  • The amount of your claim
  • Contact information for your legal counsel, if you are already represented. (We may need your attorney's permission to discuss the claim directly with you.)